My awakening

The dark days of the soul is very real. I felt the pain as if my soul had been rip out me along with my heart. I never love someone so much and why do I’m in a relationship with a baby on the. I done everything I could to push him out my mind nothing worked I felt obese I was going crazy. Then I met a dear friend she turn out to be a spiritual healer she told me my energy was ever where. Not just because I was pregnant but my soul was in pain! I stayed with her for a week crying,trying to understand my pain telling from my childhood until what was happening now. Then my healing started fixing my own karma becoming right with God again restoring my faith. And my higher self loving my self again after so much abuse from my family and husband!

But as of today my husband change his ways I’m a mother of two little boys who stole my heart. I still see the synchronicity and universe sign telling me to not forget my how can I. Because I never had a connection with anyone as I did with him. We our connected by are soul the unconditional love will always be there.

My soul connection

I still remember his eye’s the first time I look deep into them as my heart started to pull to him as my soul and Aura was sparking colors around us. Everything faded around us as if we was a lone while everyone was staring at us. I know in my heart he was my soul mate.

I never felt love before I had some difficult relationships thinking I was in love! Yeah young and bum! At the time I met him I was going through a bad time of my life. And needed a job, a family friend gotten me the job at this retirement home. The day I started I felt this pull to him I just ignore the feeling and then I would catch him staring at me, I would just smile at him. But the feeling in my soul would just get stronger inside me.

Then the day are eye’s meet as if we was waiting for this moment. When he grab the back of my hand by accident. My heart was going so fast as his look up and took the biggest breathe in. At that moment everything faded and color from are aura’s was sparking and mixing together we made our soul connection. After that moment we would look at each other eye’s when none of are coworker was looking. Ever word was unspoken but we new what our soul where saying. And the sexual energy was very high he was so weak knee going near me at times. We both wanted it as if we needed to show our love over and over.

It was getting stronger between us for all most 10 month’s then February ┬ácame he announced to everyone he found another job somewhere. If was the first time my heart fell out my chest he keep looking back and forth at me as he felt my heart crushing. He was leaving in two weeks I wanted to spend every minute with him. But every time I try he push me away as if I did something wrong. It felt like I did I cried when I was alone. I was hurting I know in my heart he was too. At his going away party I show up late because I was working. I had to see him one last time his lady friend took pictures of every one there as I was leaving she say y’all need a picture together so we did with his hand on my side pushing my pregnant body closer to him. I grab his hand but he would move it away from mine but he finally let me put my hand on his and I rub my fingers up and down his hand for a small amount of time. He sat down in the chair and was stiff as a bord I whipped in his ear I’ll miss you with very bit on my heart! I say goodbye buy he would not say it back as I was getting ready to go. I was walking away from the table I look back and he was watching me leave with tear starting to come up as he was trying so hard to keep his cool. After I left he told my coworker to take care of me over and over. I truly loved him.

For 3 years now haven’t talk to each other I have seen his name everywhere and 1111\2222 his birthday and so many sign It hard to understand how hard it was to move on with these signs in my face. What was going on I’m going crazy I would just think about him until I could not take it any more.